Review: Princessa USA Mushroom Penis Lipsticks

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One day while browsing Buzzfeed, I came across a photo of penis shaped lipsticks. I seriously didn’t believe that they were real until I read the article. I was pleasantly surprised when they were in fact real and I could buy a set of 12 for $18. So what did I do? I bought them to try, of course, because this blog is worth it.

I took the time to try some of the colors over the weekend to figure out the quality of the lipstick. Here, size really doesn’t matter. (Had to do it.) Anyway, I am happy to report that the color and staying power of this lipstick is really great. They stayed on for a long time and I love the little bit of shimmer that’s in each color. It gives it a fun little twist because sometimes I just don’t want a plain or matte finish.

What did disappointment me about some of the tubes is that the lipstick did break off and I didn’t even twist the tube up the whole way. So be careful because I do think that the “shaft” is delicate. The detail on each one though is fun and original. It’s not just smooth down the sides but has actual texture which I think is why sometimes they do snap off.

Also, I was a bit sad that none of the shades of lipstick have an actual name. They are just numbered. My husband seems to think that I should take it upon myself to come up with their names. I do understand though that it probably is better not to have names because people would expect something definitely inappropriate.

Overall, I do think that these lipsticks are for someone who is interested in calling attention to themselves while applying lipstick in public. It would also be fun to have these for a Galentine’s Day party or a bachelorette party. Definitely check them out!

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