Book Review: An Amish Harvest by Patricia Davids


What’s the Story from Goodreads:

Nursing His Heart

When Amish carpenter Samuel Bowman is injured in an accident, he fears he’ll never see again. He’s always provided for his family—and now that it’s harvest season, the Bowmans are needed in the fields, not at his bedside. So when a young Amish widow becomes his nurse, Samuel expects Rebecca Miller to make his life easier. But his caregiver is bossy, outspoken and challenges him to move on with his life. Though Samuel’s sight is in question, he can plainly see the woman he’s come to care for won’t let herself love again. Now it’s Samuel’s turn to heal her heart.

Favorite Words: “I chose cedar because I know it will always remind you of the man you loved before me. I know he holds a special place in your heart. The water drop is because you have quenched the thirst in my soul I didn’t know existed until I met you, and because you threw water on a sick man.”

I popped my Amish romance cherry!

I’ve always seen these romance covers with the beautiful Amish maid or an Amish man working on the farm. I just never picked one up to read. So last year when I received a Patricia David’s novel in a book box I was curious. I noticed it was part of a series so I went to the library to find the first book, An Amish Harvest.

It is a small book at 220 pages, and it took me two days to read. However, if I had a whole day free I could have finished it easily. It would make a great weekend read if you are going on a fall trip somewhere. There’s also a Hallmark movie quality to it that I really liked. It makes me feel warm and gooey inside like a cookie.

Rebecca and Samuel as a couple are well matched. Rebecca lost her husband and Samuel lost his sight. They both have to struggle to find what it is that will make them feel complete again. They use their faith in God, and love from their friends and family to heal. I now understand fully why this is an “inspirational romance.” It’s uplifting, simple, and sweet. The perfect book to read when you are in a reading slump.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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