Review: One With You by Sylvia Day


Sylvia Day made me lust after Gideon Cross the first time I picked up a Crossfire Series book. However, it was this book that made me fall in love.

The biggest thing for me when reading any series of books is seeing character growth. If I can’t see that the character has grown emotionally, spiritually, or physically, then the book is not realistic. Not to mention, any sort of growth in a romantic hero is sexy. Gideon managed to get sexier by attending therapy sessions and learning what it was like to be a good partner with Eva. It was believable to me that he would struggle, seeing as he’s gone through so much in his life.

This book was also the only book in the series that Eva kept in my good graces the whole time. I really wanted to scream at her in previous books because I thought she was being a bit irrational and over-dramatic. This time, I was cheering her on and I wanted a happy ending with the two of them riding off into the sunset.

I’d definitely say pick this one up and if you haven’t read the previous Crossfire books then hurry up and get them!

Favorite Words: “It’s said that actions speak louder than words, but we still need words. We need to speak and we need to be heard.”

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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