Drink Review: Fizzy Moscato by Flip Flop Wines


Summer is still going strong. The hot weather makes me happy. The sunshine makes me happy. You know what else makes me happy? Wine I can drink in the summer. Some wines are too heavy to enjoy in the summer months, but I find that whites and roses call to me. This summer the family and I are headed down to Avon in the Outer Banks. I love the beach. The beach is my happy place and one of my favorite places to get reading done. Truly, there is nothing better than having a sip of something delicious and reading some romance novels. The pile of books I have for the trip is making me get excited to go on vacation. Also the little treat the husband got me while on business is helping to add to that excitement.

The husband goes on a lot of business trips for his job and brings back goodies for the kiddos and I. This time while he was in Chicago he brought home Flip Flop Wine, in a can. That’s right a can. I don’t have to worry about sneaking glass containers onto the beach or pouring a bottle of wine into a water bottle or solo cup. I can just pop a tab and sip away.

One of my favorite wines is their Fizzy Moscato. It has that sweet grape taste that makes me think of a high end wine cooler. It’s the PERFECT drink to have while the sun is high in the sky. I seriously can’t wait to crack into another four pack of these babies and enjoy them with some sun, sand, and books.

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  1. We were at the beach 4 years ago. I know because we were binge watching the Olympics and soaking up the sun (or enjoying the beach umbrella shade) =). I wish we had wine in a can 4 years ago!

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