Music Monday: Mono by RM

I am sorry that I could not be with you last week. My grandmother passed away and I had to be with my family. I had to be there for myself as well. I think it is important to take the time you need away to reflect and gather yourself. The need for self-care in these hard times is so very important. Never feel guilty for taking time for yourself.

My grandmother was a force in my life. She and my grandfather were constants in my life. They took care of my brother and I when we needed a babysitter. My parents both worked and they took the responsibility of two of their grandchildren for a few hours. I will always treasure the things I learned and the times I had with them.

So, since this week was particularly hard I put on an album that is comforting to me. The album is Mono by RM, aka Kim Namjoon of BTS. This is one of his mixtapes and probably one of my favorite works. It is an album I can consume in its entirety repeatedly. It its a mellow album with deeply meaningful lyrics. I highly suggest pulling up the English translations of these lyrics as you listen.

The strength in Namjoon’s music is his lyrics. The man has talked about how he wanted to be a poet when he was younger and it truly shows in his lyrics. He is an avid reader and enjoys all types of books. He also has an IQ of 148. Not only that, he also spends a great amount of time going to museums and viewing art. He collects as well.

Mono reflects a lot about life and his views on himself. He also talks about self-love and self-hatred. He doesn’t sugarcoat those dark places he went in his mind. This album really does tell the story of his life at the time and I think it is why I listen to this particular work so much. It is very relatable.

My favorite songs from this album are uhgood and everythingoes. They make my heart ache and I find myself singing along. I also suggest a close listen to moonchild, seoul, and forever rain. Truly though this album is a no skip.

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