Music Monday: Dark & Wild by BTS

There are a lot of special words used in K-pop. It is kind of its own language, and it took me awhile to learn phrases and words that are a means to communicate with other fans. What I found is when I truly entered a group fandom, things became real.

So, BTS is what you would call my “ult group.” They are the group that I follow closely and listen to their music constantly and go to their concerts when I can. I could probably go on for days about this group and there will probably be a lot of music posts about them because truly their discography is very impressive. They have been around for ten years and are still going strong. They have a large fanbase called ARMY and their music touches thousands of people.

The first album I am sharing from BTS is Dark & Wild. It is probably one of my favorite albums by them and one that I come back to constantly. It was one of their earliest albums and was released in 2014.

The first track is called Intro: What Am I to You, and it truly sets the tone for this album. It starts out lightly but then gets into Kim Namjoon’s rap lyrics. He spits out the words and the flow makes you want throw your hand in the air.

One of my top ten songs of BTS is on this album, Cypher Pt3: Killer. This song makes me feral. It is a song that basically calls out the haters and gives them a big middle finger, while showing the rapline’s talent. If you don’t end up screaming “You can’t control my shit!” at the top of your lungs then I don’t know if you are listening to it right.

Let Me Know will have you wishing you could sing those high notes with the vocal line and Look Here will have you on your knees with the harmonies. You will also find yourself enjoying the rap stylings of one Kim Namjoon once again.

This album I think really was the start of something special for me when I first heard it. I have remained fond of this album and think that it is a good place to start if you are curious. Also, don’t worry, there are plenty of albums and artists I can share. PLENTY.

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