Music Monday: D-Day by AgustD

The D-Day Tour ended this weekend and I wanted to take the time to talk about this incredible record. It came out in April and has been constantly played on repeat. Every song tells a story and has a place. That is one thing I have always loved about BTS records. There is always a story and the songs all give us the bigger picture. The solo records are no different and Min Yoongi aka Suga gave all his heart and artistry into this record.

The subject matter in this album is definitely dark but leaves you hopeful. I was definitely tearfully listening to this one, the lyrics are absolutely beautiful. You will learn about Min Yoongi as a person. Trauma is shared. You will experience his depression, OCD, and anxiety story. You will experience the internal struggle and be stronger for it.

Songs that I absolutely love on this album are Huh?!, Snooze, Life Goes On, and a special mention to the instrumental Interlude Dawn. You will find a little of everything on this album, Yoongi likes to experiment with different musical styles. He is a gifted pianist and even knows how to play the guitar. He truly loves composing and you will find that he has a special place in his heart for instrumentals.

You will also find yourself amazed by the ways that Yoongi is able to use his rap flow in different ways. Many are not sure where he takes a breath and is one of the fastest rapper I have ever heard. Yoongi will not sugarcoat things and will cut right to the matter. He isn’t afraid to use profanity and will enunciate his anger and you will feel it deeply.

AgustD is his alter-ego and is a much harsher version of Suga, which is his stage name for BTS.

If you are in the mood to listen to something that will leave you feeling vulnerable and raw, I highly recommend this album.

Happy Listening.

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