December Reading List

Happy December!!!

This time of year always brings a smile to my lips and love to my heart. We’ve started getting our decorations out and making the house feel like Christmas. I’m even wrapping Christmas gifts, which never happens this early. What is also means is that I pull out holiday romances. There is nothing like sipping a hot toddy or any other hot drink while reading about kisses in the snow.

This month I’m going to be enjoying:


I am a quarter of the way through this one and loving it. Who would have thought I’d enjoy a good Amish romance. There is something warm and cozy about them that make me think of simpler times, even if they are based in our modern world.


How could I have gone this long without reading Janet Chapman? She writes about highlanders, one of my favorite things. So I am excited to read this one and probably fall in love with Janet Chapman books.


This one caught my attention and I knew I had to read it. Plus the twist with the main character having a blog caught my attention. How could I not read it?



I actually got book two of this series in a subscription box and knew that I would have to get book one to complete it. So now I’m going to sit down and read these two, probably with a glass of wine. Aren’t these covers sexy?

What are you reading this month?

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