Book Review: The Earl’s Hired Bride: A Half Moon House Novella by Deb Marlowe


What’s the story – From Goodreads:

Because an unmarried Earl must be in want of a bride . . . 

Every debutante in the town wants to be the Countess of Hartford—and mistress of Hartsworth Castle. Never mind that Hart has no interest in marrying just yet, the young ladies hunt him as ruthlessly as a pack of hounds after the elusive fox. What he needs is a hired bride—one who is guaranteed to call it off at the end of the Season. 

Because a girl with no prospects will do what she must to help her family . . . 

Miss Emily Spencer must do something. Her mother’s health is failing and the notorious Duke of Danby is growing dangerously close. Why not hide in plain sight and pretend to be the Earl of Hartford’s betrothed? And getting paid for her troubles? It’s just what she needs to make her family comfortable again. 

Because love comes when you least expect it . . . 

Sparks fly when the two put their plan in motion—and deeper emotions grow. But how can they be together when the path they’ve forged only leads to their inevitable separation? 

Favorite Words: “I don’t know, but I find I don’t know anything like I thought I did. For instance, I know the birds are singing. I know the breeze is rustling the leaves in the trees, but all I feel is your arm in mine and all I hear is the beat of my heart and the slide of silk over your skin.”

I love romances where there is English society and scandals. It makes for a great story and an even better love story. Emily proves to be an amazing leading lady with sass and smarts to back it up. Hart, a hottie to be sure, felt like his character didn’t get developed quite as well, at times. Emily was a great match for him and brought him out in a way that made me say “aww.”

The set up for the story could have been cliché but it felt perfect. I definitely have to go back now and read some of the books that came before this novella. Clearly I need to meet the other characters from this series.

This novella is the perfect read for a night alone with a glass of wine.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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