Wine Review: Jamie Fraser – 2014 Red Blend Paso Robles


I am a huge fan of Outlander. I am reading the third book in the series and I love the show! Jamie Fraser is one hot Scot and I was EXTREMELY excited to read that they were releasing a wine based off the beloved characters from the books. There was only a limited amount of each of the wines being sold, so I knew it was going to be hard to score a few bottles for myself. However, my husband prevailed so that I could review each and every one for you.

I enjoyed the Jamie Fraser wine for Thanksgiving. I thought it would be a perfect sip for my turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. My husband didn’t know what to expect from this bottle because it’s not something he’d usually drink. I like to call him “the wine snob.” I say it lovingly of course because I must admit he does have great taste in wine.

The Jamie Fraser wine is DELICIOUS. It isn’t too dry or too sweet. It sits right in the middle where you can enjoy the bits of berry flavor but you also get a touch of dryness that makes this a perfect sipping wine. I enjoyed it with food of course but I also enjoyed it immensely by itself. I think it would be a perfect accompaniment when reading a historical romance. You wouldn’t feel like you were going to fall asleep immediately but you’d be relaxed.

I would recommend picking this one up if you find it. It would make a great gift for the Outlander fan in your life or even a lover of unique labels. I think this would even be a wine I’d take to book club with me because of its drinkability.

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