Wine Notes: Shafer One Point Five- Cabernet Sauvignon (2013)


The husband and I took a trip to Napa Valley when the twins were six months old (they are now three.) I remember the excitement over trying new wines. There is just something about sipping wine directly from the source that makes everything taste better.

Anything Shafer is usually top notch. My husband swears by their wines. So I want to say that this little wine blurb is for him. He is the one who has taught me all I know about wines and lets me experience them. This particular bottle was a rare treat because the price tag is $85. We had his brother and wife over and pulled it out of our wine fridge. Oh yes, we have a wine fridge and it is glorious. Anyway, we had it with dinner that evening and I somehow had a glass saved for when I watched The Walking Dead premiere and Lord knows I needed it then.

What I loved about this wine is the flavor. Cabs are known to be full-bodied and dry. This one is no exception. However, the flavor of the cherry comes out which makes it smooth and the black pepper and smokey flavor make it perfect for steak dinners or something hearty with red meat. I still can’t get over how smooth it was and how I want another glass, even though it is 10am on Friday morning.

I definitely feel like this wine is worthy of a Jane Austen novel or some other classic romance. Also, the perfect anniversary wine to show that special someone you love them SO MUCH.

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