RT Booklover’s Convention: The Week Overview

I am still hungover from the convention. I did have drinks but that’s not why I am hungover, believe me lots and lots of drinks with friends. The RT Booklovers Convention is always good for a few drinks.

Last year was my first year at the convention and this year I couldn’t wait to get back. There is something truly magical when you go to this particular convention. You feel like you have found your people and they just “get it.”

The wall from The Hunger Games. It reads: “The odds are NEVER in your favor.”

Tuesday was my pre-convention day. I was able to go with a group attending the convention as well on a tour to see locations they show The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead. It was really amazing to see all the places that helped those things come to life. Not to mention it was also equally amazing to get sweet tea and fried chicken for lunch that day too.

Wednesday I won a huge gift bag from Troupe Bingo. I don’t mean some puny gift bag either, I mean a bag with all sorts of candies, mugs, and books, lots and lots of books. I also got to attend numerous panels that day, but my two favorites were Erotic Romance: More than Sex and Hot New Trends in Publishing. I definitely took notes at the trending panel and will be trying my best to read as many of the trends as possible.

This is me from the Roaring 20’s party.

Thursday was a huge Roaring 20’s party. I was able to dress up and dance the night away. I also was able to hang out with Anne Marie Walker who has a book coming out the end of this month called Black Tie Optional, I am reading it right now for a review. I’m loving it! I can’t wait to share with you guys what I loved.

Friday I went to a lot of Publisher events, St Martin’s Press and Avon have some really big events where you can get free books and meet authors. The SMP even had pies and you definitely can’t go wrong with some good southern pies. The Avon event was a bit of a mess but there were plenty of books and authors to see. One of my favorite things that happened was getting to have drinks at the bar with Angel Payne, Victoria Blue, and some others. It was great to talk The Voice, books, and party experiences of the week.

Saturday is one of the craziest days of the week. It is fan day. They have a giant book fair where SO MANY authors sign books and snap pictures with fans. They also have a lot of YA events, so you will see a lot of teenage girls hanging around. Sarah Dessen was one of the headliners for the events. I hung back and went to a Penguin Random House event and got to get a book signed by Tara Sue Me. I LOVE HER. I went to a Passionflix Party and will be signing up for Passionflix for sure. What is Passionflix? I will write up another post for you talking about it and why I think it’s going to be awesome. I also went to a FAN-tastic Day Party which was an event full of authors with swag to hand out and LOTS OF BOOKS.

This me me with Alexa Riley. They are HILARIOUS and equally AWESOME!

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