Coffee Review: Cascara Latte from Starbucks


Even trying to be a bit more healthy in 2017 I find a way to treat myself once a week. I knew I had to try the Cascara Latte from Starbucks because it was new and sounded interesting. Basically it uses the outside skin of the coffee cherry. Usually you just roast the bean and are done. The skin is usually used as compost or for teas but never in a latte. However, Starbucks made it into a syrup that they flavor their expresso with for a latte.

The verdict is that it’s good, but not something that I would drink everyday. It has a fruity sweetness that I think would make me feel a bit too sugar buzzed, if I had something bigger than a tall. Definitely try it if you want something new. It makes a great little treat but definitely not an everyday brew.

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