Buxton Village Books

I always take a lot of books on vacation. The stack that I have with me at the Outer Banks is four books tall, and that does not include my Kindle books. However, that doesn’t mean when we are driving around to other towns that I won’t stop for a bookstore that we find on the side of the road.


Buxton Village Books is a cute bookstore we found while driving through Buxton, North Carolina. It is a house that has been transformed into a bookstore. There is a little bit of everything within the four walls. I found a great Outer Banks section, full of books for children and adults either written about the Outer Banks or by local authors. I think that’s such a special find. I love seeing what local authors are doing, plus it shows pride for their beloved home.

oozey octopus

wendy whale

I picked up two children’s books by local author, Suzanne Tate. I love the colorful, cute illustrations by James Melvin and the story is very informative and fun. The twins and I have enjoy learning about Wendy the Whale and Oozey the Octopus.

I also took the time to walk through the adult section, nonfiction section, and the used book section, which includes a romance section. There were a lot of authors I knew in the shelves. That’s always a good thing because it means that us romance readers are giving books we love to this great store.

The YA section was actually really good. I was surprised because sometimes the smaller stores don’t have books up to date with the teen reading trends. Buxton Village Books has a great mix of everything YA. I even found something I didn’t know existed! Did you know that there is a series based on a young Sherlock Holmes? I didn’t and I picked up the first book in the series. The woman working there, the only person working that day I may add, seemed to know a great deal about the books in the store. I think I would love to have a conversation with her about all the books she’s read.

young sherlock

This little bookstore is a perfect stop if you forgot your reading material or need something a little different in your book collection. Definitely take the time to stop at Buxton Village Books if you are in Hatteras, NC.

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