Book Review: When Autumn Ends by Beth Rinyu

What’s the Story?

I was at the top of my game until reality hit in a way I had never imagined, forcing me to face the living hell that had become my life. The ghosts and demons that once filled the pages of my bestselling novels now flooded my mind, consuming my thoughts both day and night.

She was hauntingly beautiful, and I was drawn to her in the most unimaginable way.
She was my breath when I had stopped breathing.
She was my hope when I was drowning in despair.
She was my muse when I had lost all motivation.

But nothing good lasted—not in my world anyway.
Like the last days of autumn when the beautiful leaves are stripped away by the long winter days, lurking in the distance; her caring ways and gentle soul were only temporary. Soon it would be taken from me, leaving my heart as barren as those once majestic trees. But unlike those autumn days, she remained, giving me the courage to face the cold, dark winter of my past while uncovering secrets and lies that could be the premise of a bestseller. Only, this wasn’t fiction, this was my reality—a reality I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.


I wasn’t sure how to feel about When Autumn Ends at first. I read the first few chapters and felt that Ethan was a complete jerk. I thought he was being really rude to Jenna, who was just trying to help him. It was clear that the trauma that happened to him had made him the way he was, but honestly how Jenna could fall in love with him at first was a bit daunting.

It wasn’t until halfway through their relationship that I saw how kind Ethan could be. He opened up a little bit each time and I grew to understand the man that Jenna saw in him. This wasn’t a head over heels kind of love. The love Jenna and Ethan created was one built from trust and kindness.

The added mystery in this story was a good twist and even if it was a bit cliche at times, it fit perfectly. It was good story and one I truly enjoyed in the end.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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