Book Review: The Escort by A.M. Salinger

What’s the story?

Ethan Skye has had only one goal in mind since the first night he walked into Saron, the most exclusive gay club in Tokyo: to win the heart of Joe Cavendish, its brooding owner and the man he’d fallen in love with at first sight. When Ethan takes a job as a bartender at Saron to get closer to Joe, little does he know that his actions will set him in the sights of an obsessive admirer.

Jaded by his troubled past and with his heart very much guarded, Joe Cavendish has one strict rule in life: never mix business with pleasure. Unfortunately for Joe, one cocky, sexy bartender seems intent on testing that resolve to its very limits, and Joe finds his patience and his libido increasingly challenged as he fights his growing attraction for his new employee. But after Joe discovers the danger Ethan is in, his possessive instincts compel him to take on the role of Ethan’s personal bodyguard and pretend lover.

Can Joe protect Ethan from his increasingly violent stalker and maintain his own sanity while he gets up close and personal to the alluring young man storming his way inside his numb heart? Will Ethan overcome Joe’s stubbornness and convince the club owner to take a chance on love? Or will the secrets they’ve been keeping from each other threaten their fragile, burgeoning relationship?


I think I am becoming obsessed with these novellas. They are quick and dirty and I love every second of them.

Ethan and Joe had a sexual tension that built to a high level before exploding. I admit that I had a crush on Joe. He has a sense of humor but also a sensitivity that made me “aww” more than once. I wanted these two to be together. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind. I also think the added stalker storyline only bonded the couple more, although I do wish that it hadn’t been so rushed.

This novella is perfect if you enjoy a steamy m/m romance with a bit of suspense. A perfect little weekend read.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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