Book Review: The Best Man by Barbie Bohrman

What’s the story- From Goodreads:

Veronica Webber is single again after being in a loveless marriage way past its expiration date. For the first time in a very long time, she feels free and after being burned so badly by love in the past, any thought of romance is the last thing on her mind. 

In walks a man from her past, Trevor Allen, a tall, dark, and handsome womanizer who is usually all about the bottom line. For Trevor that bottom line has always been made up of the countless notches on his bedpost. But when he sees Veronica after so many years, he can’t help but be drawn to her and know her again… even if that means being friend-zoned from the start. 

As this unlikely pair spends more and more time together, they quickly realize that there might be something between them that goes past “just friends.” But there’s just one tiny detail that makes this situation slightly more complicated… Trevor was Veronica’s ex-husband’s best man at their wedding nine years ago. 

So when past mistakes and indiscretions come back to haunt them, will their happily ever after end before it even gets started?

Or will the best man win this time.

Favorite Words: “Shh. We mustn’t upset the porcelain god ever. He is but one man who chooses wisely. He must choose to let me live today and not get sick anymore.”

I read the title of this one and thought of Wedding Crashers. I don’t know why, but it just popped into my head. This book was far from it though and a fun, deep romp. There was some great character development in this one. Veronica was hurt when her ex-husband decided that he would rather sleep with other women, than his wife. So trusting a guy, especially a womanizer like Trevor, would be hard. I’m glad that they were friends first, though.

Trevor’s struggle with just being friends with a woman was a very realistic struggle to me. I liked how Veronica and Trevor bonded over their own issues, but as time wore on, there was a sexual tension. You knew that they were going to get together but you didn’t know how or when it was going to happen.

This book has some steamy scenes. It’s a perfect beach read.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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