Book Review: No Broken Bond by Angel Payne, Victoria Blue

What’s the story-

Can we keep our bond intact? Do we have the courage to find out?


It’s just the beginning of what Fletcher Ford and Drake Newland have done to my world—and my soul—since igniting my desires, answering my dreams and filling every inch of my heart. I am rocked. Changed. Freed. A woman in love…
With two incredible men.


Not that the adjustment has been easy, and not just for my orthodox family. Falling for one dazzling, commanding billionaire is complicated enough. Wading through dysfunctions, judgments and emotional baggage from all sides, we’re searching for the perfect balance of our love, and nearly find it, when disaster slams again—threatening to permanently cripple us this time.


With our bond in shreds and our spirits in tatters, can we find the glue to keep our bond intact, our love whole? Are we broken…or just bent? Do we have the courage to find out?

Favorite Words: “My lips kicked upward of their own accord. This smile for her…it was honest and good and real. Everything I felt for Talia Perizkova was real. All my hope, my energy, my vitality, my determination to become a better man…a better person. She was all the best parts of me. The best parts of both Drake and me. The discovery that had completed our friendship and made us whole. Along the way, we’d sure as hell lived a lot of life – and made a lot of women’s dreams come true.”

I admit that I came into the middle of this series. I am a bad, bad girl. Why have I been keeping these books from myself? This book was a fast read while I was at the beach. I couldn’t put it down! I constantly wanted to know what was going to happen. It had a lot of emotion that at times overwhelmed in the best way possible. I loved both Fletcher and Drake. I also loved how Talia was not just the middle woman but a glue that held the men together. That’s the key for me with any ménage romance. It must be balanced, and it has to be believable. These three were very loving and respectful of one another. They lived as one and they wanted it to work. A relationship is hard enough between two people, let alone three.

Parent and family approval was also a huge part of this story. I think that it made perfect sense. Not everyone is going to accept this sort of relationship or understand it. Love is love. That is what I kept saying to myself as I read this story. It’s what I wanted to keep saying to everyone who doubted what Drake, Fletcher, and Talia felt for one another.

I can’t say enough good things about this book. The sex was hot of course but it was the relationship that was hotter.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  1. Cannot say thank you enough for your beautiful words about the book and the story! Our hearts and souls went into every word, and we’re so happy you enjoyed it all! (And also that we made your vacation a little more lively; LOL!) Once again, THANK YOU. It’s truly appreciated, love!

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